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About us

We offer Greenhouse farming solutions powered by digital technology!

Farmio is an innovative agribusiness focused on providing tech-enabled agribusiness solutions for people interested in building sustainable and profitable agriculture businesses.

Farmio provides a unique blend of technology and agriculture to provide the best out of farming. With smart and efficient farm tools, automation, the right marketing and market links as well as trained personnel and on-demand agronomy support, we help our clients make the best out of their investments in agriculture.

Farmio leverages precision farming techniques, automation and circular economy principles to provide the “Farms of the Future” through the construction of vegetable greenhouses and snail shade houses to cultivate vegetables and snails at commercial levels with guaranteed yields all-year-round.

 We provide full scale greenhouse farming, construction, management, agronomist support and training services, sale of fresh produce and greenhouse essentials and agribusiness project management solutions.

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