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Farm Management System

Our AI-powered digital platform empowers growers and agri-food value chain players with real time insights which enables you to get value from farm data, manage risks effectively and most importantly maximize profitability. Our comprehensive farm management solution allows for data-driven decisions for profitable and sustainable crop production. Our software empowers users to have access to farm agronomy and business processes from season planning, field operations management, resource and finance management to agronomic decision-making based on real-time insights from farms.

Benefits of Our Farm Management Software:


  • Farm Administration Simplified: Store all your farm data in one place and make it accessible anytime, anywhere and through any device. Our system makes you get rid of papers and the countless spreadsheets.

  • Plan a Profitable Season: Easy and smart planning with historical crop overview for choosing the best crops for your season.

  • Fact-Based Agronomic Decisions: Get real-time insights per greenhouse for timely decisions based on facts. Monitor crop progress, get agronomy support in real time and mitigate pest and disease risks.

  • Minimize Costs and Improve Yields: Analyze the performance of your crops per greenhouse, workers and agronomic practices with powerful analytics. Easily get your finance KPIs and identify improvements for cost optimization and increased yields.

  • Simplified Reports: Simplify farm administration and easily extract reports with input usages, finances or harvest reports per crop per variety. Use it for key stakeholder engagements.

  • Market with Ease: Make your produce get to its final consumer or off-taker with ease by plugging onto our e-farm market where our trusted off-takers and consumers will trade at fair price.


Greenhouse Automation Kits (Green house software):

The smart greenhouse is a revolution in agriculture, creating a self-regulating, microclimate suitable for plant growth through the use of sensors, actuators, and monitoring and control systems that optimize growth conditions and automate the growing process.

Our automations range from ventilation systems, cooling systems, greenhouse curtain systems, Greenhouse Fans and Greenhouse Insect Netting & Thermo Screens.

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