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Green house construction

Farmio provides complete greenhouse customization services. Any personalized requirement for size, specifications and interior facilities to meet customer demands.

We help new and experienced growers by offering personalized consulting services throughout the project cycle. We assign a greenhouse specialist to the client for rapid support and also help with after sales services.

Farmio provides bespoke greenhouse solutions for the agricultural industry in Africa. Our services include engineering, design, construction and professional consultancy for all types of agriculture. Farmio uses its unique knowledge provided by our in-house and outsourced experts in order to deliver agro-technology services to Africa’s farming communities. 

We use a project-based approach, with defined implementation stages, covering:

  • Project Evaluation and Design

  • Construction

  • Farm set-up and consultancy

  • Support and training in farming operations.


Our Greenhouses are designed to offer these benefits:

  • Durable structure to last mor than 15 years

  • Easy to build according to customer specification

  • Reliable for all year production cycle

  • All-round crop protection

  • Affordable with each square foot

  • Environmental control systems including ventilation and cooling systems

We are always available to assist you throughout the entire process to own your personalized vegetable and snail greenhouse farms in urban and rural settings.

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